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Welcome to oneLife Letters, a blog from the authors and facilitators of Listen to My Life. We provide inspiration, experiences and resources to help reveal God's story for your life. The oneLife Letters blog is dedicated to writings that will help you to recognize and respond to God in the life story you are co-authoring with Him. If you are interested in learning more about Listen to My Life, purchase materials or search around our extensive website with many great resources to help you on your journey, go to www.oneLifemaps.com.

Worth the Wait

Listen to my Life Workshop, November 15 & 16, 2014

by Deitra Shoemaker, oneLifemaps Facilitator

Early on this cold December morning, I venture outside in my warm bathrobe to watch the unusually colorful sunrise of orange, pink and blue as the colors meld together. Even though the 37 degree chill is beckoning me to run back inside, I stand and wait . . .

I know that within minutes this “hidden manna moment” will disappear as the sun fully rises. So I decide to just wait and enjoy this display God has painted in the sky just for me this morning.

As I wait, I find myself wishing the sunrise would hurry up and dissolve. It seems to be taking an unusually long time to do so. “Waiting seems so insignificant,” I ponder. “Why am I standing here, why not get back to my day and be ‘productive’? What good is it doing just standing here and staring?” Even at 7:07 AM, it is hard for me to slow down and appreciate the wonder of this moment.

Then I hear a whisper in my heart saying, “Be still and know that I am God. Waiting has a purpose . . . when you wait, you see My wonder, you stay still long enough to see Me.”

I think to myself, “He is worth the wait.”

Advent is all about waiting. We wait in the darkness for the light to be revealed. We wait to celebrate Christ’s first coming, his arrival in history as a baby in a manger. We wait with hope for His Second Coming when He will make all things new. Finally we wait for His coming in our lives each day. We need him to come. We look for his presence and even in the darkness we wait for Him to make himself known…slowly, quietly, tenderly…like the sunrise. Waiting has a purpose . . “when you wait, you see My wonder, you stay still long enough to see Me.” And yes, He is worth the wait.

Questions to Ponder:

  • What is my pace feeling like this season?
  • How am I making time to wait with Christ even as the days grow busier?
  • How would I like to wait differently this Advent? This next year?
  • What is Advent revealing to me about my story – past, present, future?
  • When I seek God’s counsel, am I willing to wait for His input or response before taking action or do I just move forward hoping He will bless it?


“My soul waits for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning.”  Psalm 130:6


Lord, help me to wait patiently, to seek you in the waiting, to consider the expectant kind of waiting you are calling me to,  Lord, slow down my pace enough each day to remember you are worth the wait!

Next Steps:

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As a spiritual growth life coach, Deitra’s mission is to encourage women to deepen their intimacy with God through keeping company with Jesus. She loves using the Listen to My Life visual maps to facilitate self-awareness and God-awareness in small groups of passionate women so they can unleash their God-given potential, live out who God has created them to be and do what He’s called them to do. She also offers monthly “Get Away with God” contemplative retreats in her home as well as PrayerArt Journaling Workshops to connect to God through creativity. Deitra’s writings can also be found at www.closerstill.org and www.shoemaker4him.blogspot.com. For more information on Listen to My Life, go to www.onelifemaps.com.

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